If you search for the variety potato in United States, you may get end up with 200 . A root veggie which is well liked by everyone. where don’t we put potato? I haven’t seen anyone who doesn’t like a potato. People run to KFC or McDonald’s to have French fries, that simply defines the craze for potato all the way. And if you are curious to know how to make a baked potato in the oven, yeah you are reading the right article. So, as usual, let’s get started with some information you may like.


Some facts:

The potato word comes from Spanish word ‘POTATA’. Potatoes can be cooked in many different ways. It may include boiled potatoes to mashed potatoes, baked potatoes to French fries and many more.

Although it shares the same name, but the sweet potato is very much different from sweet potato. Your one the most favourite snack that is potato chips are nothing but thin slices of potato and those are baked crunchy. additional varieties are manufactured using various flavourings and ingredients including herbs, spices, cheeses, other natural flavours, artificial flavours, and additives.

The potato was first seen and discovered in the region of modern-day southern Peru and extreme north-western Bolivia between 8000 and 5000 BC

Do you know? Potatoes are also known as spuds. There is even a day called national potato day. And it uses to celebrate in many countries. That 19th August. So happy potato day in advance guys.

Production of potato:

How to make a baked potato in the oven

Get ready to be fascinated.
chine alone produces about 90,000,000,000 kg of potato that’s 90 billion kg of potato. And wait it’s not the end yet. India produces about 45 billion kg of potato. And in the United States, the figure is 22 billion kg. so the figures are good enough to make you understand that the people around the world love to have potato. But wait I am not done yet I am going to give you more fabulous stats. The total potato production in the world is about 400 million metric tons. That means it’s about, 400,000,000,000 kg. And to assure you, I am really not kidding. These are real stats.

Nutrition Data:

baked potato in the oven

Potato is quite healthy also. It gives about 87 calories per 100 gm so yeah it gives you a lot of energy. It also provides protein of 2 grams per 100 gm. There is fibre too which will help you to get rid of constipation. The amount of fat is around 0.1 gm so congrats, if you are dieting then you may have this.

Different ways to have potato:


So there are a lot of recipes which will make the potato tastier and there are a lot of websites full of recipes of potato. Home fries, Roasted potato, Hash brown casserole, stuffed baked potatoes, Savoury scalloped potatoes, Mashed potatoes, Baked potatoes, Heavenly hash potatoes. Mouth-watering names certainly. And once you go to YouTube you won’t be able to stop yourself from making one of the thousands of recipes. Now you may wonder about how to make a baked potato in the oven. So here the answer.

How to make a baked potato in the oven:

How to make a baked potato in the oven

You may wonder “how do I make baked potatoes in the oven”, well, Cooking food in the oven is kind of art and cooking a baked potato in the oven really makes your job easy all the way. Now you might wonder how long does it take to make a baked potato in the oven, so, the answer is 2 hours is enough to cook a baked potato in the oven. So what you have to do first is preheat the oven to 150 degrees centigrade. Then take some quality potato. Then take a knife and scrub the skin of the potato. Put some vegetable oil or olive oil on the potato and rub it. And keep the potato inside the oven for 1 and half hour and let the skin of potato be golden brown. Then slice it and stuff it with butter and whatever spices you like. You can also put some cheese inside and your baked potato is ready to meet your hunger. Congrats you successfully made the baked potato.

So congratulation you have successfully learned how to how to make a baked potato in the oven, and in the case that you have burnt the potato, then still congrats at least you have tried so good luck for the next time.


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