Microwave has brought up a revolution in the cooking system over the years. These employ faster cooking, sometimes even safer and sound cooking. Microwaves are considered more energy efficient, way more than actual electric stoves and Gas stoves. But microwaves always don’t cook food in the right way, as it involves energized waves for heating up. Prior boiling is always not done in the microwave. But can you cook food like eggs in a microwave? Or you might wanna know, how to boil eggs in microwave.

We will show you the way and also how to do it properly.

Now using microwaves is easy. You fire it up (not put it in a fire), put your delicacy inside and press some buttons. Simple.

Well, it’s not that simple, but these are the only steps required. You turn on the Microwave. You determine the quality of the food to be cooked inside. You then set the time and the percentage power. And then wait.

Before we move on with cooking with energized waves, let us know something about microwaves and its technique of cooking.

What actually is a Microwave?


As the name sounds, it’s a wave generator and it generates microwaves. Taking about physics, this is the actual definition that can be embedded. It generates waves.

So, how the hell does it cook food?

Microwaves generate waves, not UV light waves, but actual heating waves. These are known as microwave waves similar to Infrared waves that actually comes out of a heated body. But don’t confuse the two. The microwave heats up objects via high-frequency vibration via wave contact which actually happens very well due to its long wavelength. And with the help of this technique, objects subjected to microwaves get heated up. In this case, your food.

There are lots of radiations but why only microwaves heat up foods? Why not UV that is available plenty on the atmosphere. And how does food kept in the solar light gets heated up via solar cooking?

This is for a reason as the waves coming out of the sun that reaches the earth, are a mix of all of the waves that exist. And it is high in UV rays and heating waves mostly, including microwaves which actually heats up the food when kept in a concentrated way area. Microwave does the same with the food and concentrates its energized microwaves to the food area and heats it up.

This is how a microwave works.

So, how to boil eggs in Microwave? We will now get to it.

Using a heated medium is easy. You place an object in it and it will heat up. Same with eggs. But not that easy.

The microwave generates similar grade heat like stoves, but the way how the heat is transmitted is totally different. Stoves transfer heat to the objects via conduction and microwaves does via radiation. So the heating frequency is around 50% high with a microwave. Although it’s way more energy is efficient, you have to be thrice as careful when dealing with foods via it.

When it comes to eggs, it gets again complicated. Eggs have good water content and if heated high, these can explode due to steam generation. So how to boil eggs in Microwave.

We use a water medium for removing the excessive heat and uniform heating of the egg.

To boil eggs with a microwave, you have to use water as the medium. Keep the eggs in the water and then place in the microwave. If possible it’s best to preheat the water to an 80-90 degree C boiling point and then place the eggs in it. Then place it in the microwave for 4 minutes to boil the eggs efficiently.

how to hard boil an egg in the microwave

How to boil eggs in microwave

Hard-boiling is a bit tricky as with microwaves you have to be careful for not overcooking. Hard boiling means, you have to make the yolk solid. To do that, take a pan of heated water. Then place the eggs in it and then keep it in the microwave for 4 minutes at 50% power. After it is done, then take them out and leave the eggs in the water for more 2 minutes without extra heating. Make sure to cover the pan with a lid or a bulged lid.

So, how to boil eggs in microwave? The above technique is for you.

-how to make hard boiled eggs in the microwave

Making hard boiled eggs is easy. You will need a pan of heated water at 80-90 degree C, some eggs and microwave of course. Dip the eggs in the heated water in a pan or a bowl and keep it inside the microwave. Set the time for 4 minutes, keep the power of the microwave on 50% intensity. After 4 minutes, take the pan out and keep it for more 2 minutes. After 2 minutes, take the eggs out and peel them. You have your hard eggs ready.

how long to boil eggs in microwave

How to boil eggs in microwave


Boiling eggs in microwave requires specific measures. As over boiling might ruin your recipe. So, there are specific timings for a type of yolk you need. If you want it runny or viscous, then keep the eggs in a heated water pan and put in the microwave for 4 minutes.

If you want the normal grade eggs then use the same technique and extend the time from 4 to 5 minutes.

Else if you want a hard boiled egg, then 4 minutes in the microwave and then take them out. Keep for an extra 2 minutes in the heated water for drying out the yolk.

But you will be boiling the eggs using the microwave, which is actually a type of radiation. So will it make it radioactive??????

Well, if you are short of physics, radioactive rays are mostly energized particle rays either of a double charged helium or electrons or high power electromagnetic radiation that can actually change the chemical constituent of an object. Also, Electromagnetic radiations can easily destruct bonds between molecules. This gives rise to new molecules and in this way, you can die too. 

But microwaves don’t do that at all. All it does in the molecular level is just increasing the frequency of the molecules to which it vibrates, thus increasing the output of the heat energy after being getting itself heated.

Boiling eggs is not easy and the timing, water type also matters. But with the microwave, you can accomplish these very quickly and have a healthy snack with ease. Just make sure to keep the eggs in the water properly with a lid so that they don’t come out of the pan and explode in the over.

So, how to boil eggs in the microwave?

Now you know how to do it.


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