Do you love to eat chicken most of the time? Do you love the breast part? Well if that is your case, then it is good for you. Not the breast thing, but the piece. Chickens are extremely high in protein and if you are a regular eater, then you are getting enough of the protein required. Even bodybuilders are recommended for eating chicken at least 100-150g daily. But do you know how much protein the breast piece exactly contains?Then you should know about how much protein in chicken breast?

We will readily find that out.

How much protein in chicken breast

how much protein in chicken breast

But wait, what kind of chicken is chicken breast? Is it a different kind of breast?

Don’t get crazy. The breast part of the chicken is the breast or the chest part of the body which is at the front of the chicken. It’s the same part or the place and similar to human beings. YES, the front part.

So what is so special in it?

How much protein in chicken breast


Chickens are high in protein and it is already proven to be a true fact. But unlike other protein sources including eggs, nuts, chickens have a variable amount of protein.

While the legs and the main body along with the abdomen are well rich in protein. The Breast part is the best protein area if you are concerned with the amount.

The breast part contains most of the meat or the flesh. It is sufficiently high in flesh content, contains less amount of bones. Most breast parts are deboned manually removing the ribs and other bones. This is done for a better texture, better mix, and way better taste.

Also, meat is considered to be high in protein, but quality matters. If the chicken is fed with a high amount of fiber and flax seeds, corn, worms, they get sufficiently high in protein. Also, the nutrient content also gets high. Quite a simple hack for chicken and rooster keepers, this might raise the value of your chicken per weight.

Now to the next part, how much protein in a chicken?

We will now get to that part.

The content of protein matters slightly towards what the chicken is getting to eat. But now that is not actually that much relevant. Since the quality of the protein is not judged like before. It is completely based on per weight measure.

A specific measurement is used for per weight accuracy, which is either 100g or 200g. Most full-grown chickens from the manufacture have a chicken breast weight of average 170g.

 But this is not actually used by convention as the normal grade measurement is based on 100g  value. All of the food sources that are measured on the basis of fiber, or protein or carbohydrate, it is done on a 100g basis.

As it can be directly compared and converted to the percentage with no further calculation needed. For example, 100g of nuts contain 20g of protein.

This means that 20% of nut content by weight is actually a protein. The remaining 80% or 80g is of minerals, fiber, fat, and vitamins.

So, we will be using that for finding out the actual amount of protein in our beloved chicken breast. (beloved sounds weird).

As per tests, a chicken breast of a healthy chicken is around 170g. And it contains, around 54-55g of protein to the maximum.

So, on the convention basis of 100g, it contains around 54 divided by 170 and then multiplied by 100% gives us a value of 31.76470g.

And that is the typical weight of protein in a 100g of chicken breast.

grams of protein in chicken breast

The total gram of protein in a chicken breast differs to the quality of the chicken and of the quality of the feed too.

But if you are conventional, then we will sort the problem for you.

A whole chicken breast weighs around 170 grams. And after testing, it is found to be containing 54 grams of protein.

So, a 100g of chicken breast will have around 54/170 multiplied by 100, gives us a value of 31.76 grams of protein.

If you eat less, than a 50g piece of chicken breast will contain around 50% of 31.76g or 15.88 grams of protein.

So how much protein in a chicken breast? 31.76g in a 100g piece.

Protein in chicken breast

How much protein in chicken breast


The amount of protein is highest found in the breast piece than all other parts of the chicken body. And this is what specifically you should be buying from the market when you go out shopping for chicken dinner (I mean actual dinner). As most of the protein is this part, a small amount of breast piece is good enough for most of the family members. As protein is highly required by the body for the maintenance of muscle and cell reproduction.

So how much protein in a chicken breast? Pretty much high.

how many grams of protein in a chicken breast



The total grams of protein varies by the weight of the chicken breast taken into consideration. Is it a whole breast? Or just a measured small piece or a convention wise 100g piece. Any of the amounts above, we can easily find that out.

A total breast piece is around 170g and it contains around 54g of protein. Done.

A conventional size of measured out 100g contains how much? OK, the full-size weight 170g contains 54g. So, 100g contains around 54/170 multiplied by 100, which is around 31.76g.

Smaller pieces of around 50g have an overall 50% of 31.76g or 15.88g. Simple.

The amount of protein in chicken breast is pretty much greater than another protein source (ok, whey has higher too). But chicken is the cheaper source and can be more common to low budget oriented people. Also, chicken is high in vitamins and minerals amount, so that counts in too.

So, how much protein in a chicken breast? Now you know it.  


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