Have you eaten pizzas a lot? Do you feel like you have gained a good amount of weight? Well, in that case, you might be in a terrible condition. Pizzas contain a high amount of calories and yes, they are high in oxidants too. As these are mostly nowadays fried than just baking, the calorie amount still remains good enough. But we don’t need to know how its made or how it’s cooked. We just want to know how many calories in a slice of pizza.

How many calories in a slice of pizza

Let’s proceed.

So, pizzas. Incredibly tasty. High digestive food. Widely available and a great snack for anyone. Also a quick energy food for anyone being tired and exhausted if made in the right way.

But is this true?

While some of it might be, as pizzas are a great snack. Forget if its healthy or not. Eating matters and enjoying eating matters more.

But you will be surprised to know that the cooking technique of pizzas actually determines the calories in it. Not exactly true, but in the sense that the cooking technique destroys some of the good contents of the pizzas. And there you go with high with calories.

But what is a calorie actually?

How many calories in a slice of pizza


It is simply a measurement of energy for organics (and us too). Just like we have joules for the measurement of energy objects and mechanical structures. A calorie is mostly an amount of energy that is required to raise the temperature of a particular amount of water by a single degree. And the total energy required for accomplishing this is around 4.18678 joules.

Quite clear now.

So, how many calories in a slice of pizza? We will now get to it.

The calorie amount varies from pizza to pizza and the way it is cooked and for how long it is cooked/baked.

Don’t attempt to eat raw pizzas from just wheat dough and salad, that is not a tasty option.

But your mom’s homemade pizza with pure wheat, eggs, vegetables, onions slices, and a lot of creams might be good enough. It can contain less than 2000 calories. And that is a benchmark for a  healthy pizza. And if you ask how much calories in a slice of pizza now, it is around 250-260 calories.

That’s quite great.

But what about the bakery made pizzas. Let’s dig into them too.

The bakery made pizzas are your actual collection of calories. This is actually now too less to say the word calories, we might want to use the word kilocalories. As these pizzas contain such amount.

Also, the type of pizzas determines the number of total calories. If you love high cheese pizzas, each of them has around 280-300 calories per slice.

If you love creamy pizzas with extra macaroni, then these have a slightly less amount of 260 calories/slice.

Typical pizzas slices way around 100g are loaded with around 250 calories and above. That is the minimum content.

You might want to look in for the word of calories, as more calories are bad. But the type of carbohydrates that give out the calories, determine how they are released into the body. High fast digesting simple carbohydrates are readily present in pizzas, so that is a point to be taken. Although if you are planning on making them at your home, you might wanna switch to wheat for goodness. It has less simple carbs.

If you feel like you are gaining weight due to these, you might wanna cut pizzas down for good.

how many calories in a slice of pepperoni pizza

 calories in a slice of pizza


Pepperoni is mostly a meat grade delicious food if eaten directly. As it is a popular topping for pizzas and it also contains a lot of calories, but its mostly good for health. As it has meat to good content. But the bad from it comes as it is fried and there goes the calorie count to the peaks. As most restaurants use a similar technique for making pepperoni pizzas, they all put the same ingredients mostly. If you are having pizzas with pepperoni, these have around 300 calories to 450 calories per slice. So, you might want to be careful.

So, how many calories in a slice of pizza? 300 calories.


how many calories in a slice of cheese pizza

Well, we are here. To the king of the calories in the world of pizzas, cheese pizzas. These are the most delicious ones ever made in the history of pizzas. I don’t what are your favorites but cheese pizzas are of another level tasty. But for the calories and health, devils have lesser potential. A full cheese pizza with moderate cheese content contains over 3500 calories. And a single slice has over 410 calories to 450 calories.

So, how many calories in a slice of pizza? 410-450 calories.

how many calories in a slice of Domino’s pizza

How many calories in a slice of pizza

You might wanna try dominos pizzas for more as these are less rich in calories. The other remaining content might be digestible or not-digestible. But to the strictness, slices of dominos tastiest pizzas don’t have that much of calories at all. Most flavors are due to the cheese content, but some contain around 180 calories. That is a small amount. And most high baked pizzas with extra fries and extra cream has around 200 to 250 calories. Pretty less.


Therefore, how many calories in a slice of pizza? 200-250 calories.

Pizzas are high-calorie foods so you should actually limit them to the quantity for your good. YES, nobody has the right to deprive you of eating anything, but your own body has. You might fall trap to obesity or diabetes. These are one of the sickest diseases known to mankind after cancer that can fatal. So cutting them down might be good for you. Or try making healthy pizzas at home with 50% lesser calories.

So, how many calories in a slice of pizza? You already know it.  


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