If you are here to read the article, I am pretty sure you love to have chicken. Of course who doesn’t. Chicken had been always a relatively cheap but tasty and healthier option for a food lover all the way. And to be honest if you want to know the craze for chicken, then check this out, 280 million kilograms of chicken were consumed in a single day around the world in average. Pretty huge huh….  
But if you are curious about how many calories in a chicken breast, then yeah you are in the right place. So I am going to satisfy your curiosity. Now there might be a lot of ways to consume chicken breast and I am going to tell you all.

How many calories in a chicken breast

The nutrition data of chicken breast

Fat: The chicken breast contains very low amount of fat that completely suitable for the people who are trying hard to lose their weight. The amount of fat is around 2 grams per 100 gm of serving, so that’s not too bad at all o have without any worry.

Vitamins: There are few good vitamins in chicken breast like B6. This vitamin b6 helps you to improve mood and symptom of depression and it also reduces the risk of Alzheimer, besides it improves the haemoglobin production.

Protein: Chicken breast is always known for low fat protein. Chicken Breast contains a good amount of protein which is helpful or mass gain and the growth of mass and as protein help to repair tissues besides it also helps to make enzyme and hormone.

Carbohydrate: Chicken breast don’t contain carbohydrate and thus it is also safe for the patients of diabetes. And if you are a diabetes patient then feel free to have chicken breast.

Cholesterol: The amount of cholesterol in 100 gm of chicken breast s around 85 grams and it is basically a substance found in blood and he cells. Liver is responsible for generating it.
Calories: Body needs calories for energy, that is basically body need calories to operate itself. Calories is the most important part of the food and if you wonder how many calories in a chicken breast? Chicken breast contains around 90 – 110 calories per 100 grams of serve. We humans need around 2400 calories per day and if you consume 100 grams of chicken breast, that can give you 4 percent of that requirement. The need of calories completely depends on the age, weight and the sex so it’s all about you how much calorie you need.

How many calories in a grilled chicken breast?

How many calories in a chicken breast


So if you are food lover I am sure you had grilled chicken a lot times, the smell and the taste is good enough to be enchanted and the mouth-watering look has been always fascinating. Just put the marinated chicken breast on the grill and flip over after few minutes and the smoky grilled chicken is ready to meet your hunger. If you are health conscious enough or dieting, then you might wonder how many calories in a chicken breast?

So it’s about 110 calories. And yeah that a pretty much good amount of calories if you go to gym and need more calories and less fat and a lots of protein.

How many calories in a baked chicken breast?

How many calories in a breast

The healthiest way that is fat free way to enjoy chicken breast is backed chicken. Just pre heat the oven and put you chicken breast inside and after few minutes it will be ready, I guess it’s the easiest way to have the chicken breast. Chicken lovers’ another heaven a healthy baked chicken breast dish. Yeah the dish is so good that any one will be engrossed by it. Chicken breast is healthy choice because it contains lots of sodium and the amount of calorie contained by the chicken breast per 100 grams is quite reasonable.

And yeah how many calories in a chicken breast? There is around 100 calories in 100 gm of backed chicken breast and once again it is healthy enough for you if you are dieting or going to gym to build muscles as I said earlier, a lot of protein and sodium is there in a fat free package.

How many calories in a boneless skinless chicken breast?

How many calories in a chicken breast


There are plenty of ways in which you can cook boneless and skinless chicken breast but the amount of calorie doesn’t vary much and as I have given you the nutrition data of chicken breast you can easily find out HOW MANY CALORIES IN a CHICKEN BREAST?

Generally boneless and skinless chicken breast will give you around 96 calories per hundred grams of serving .

So as a conclusion, the Chicken breast is a very good food if you want a lot of protein without much fat. I believe your curiosity of how many calories in a chicken breast is satisfied.


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