How Long To Boil Hot Dogs and What are the Best Ways?

These are the best boiled hot dog recipes ever! It is the first common question that comes in your mind that How Long To Boil Hot Dogs? I’ll show you the answer to your question and also tell you that Why do You Like These Methods? And What Can You Serve With Hot Dogs?

Hotdogs are not just included in popular summer meals. You can take advantage of the sunny weather and grill outdoor hotdogs. Hotdogs are a year-round food at home, especially when you have kids. I know their health benefits are questionable but the fact is everywhere, every time, hotdogs are a hit food.

How Long to Boil Hot Dogs

How to choose hot dogs?

 Selects is a fresh line of Franks and Wieners with no added nitrites or nitrates except those which occur naturally in celery juice. They contain fundamental ingredients that can be readily recognized by customers. Selections come in 5 varieties:

  1. Premium Beef Hot Dogs
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Best for Hot Dogs:

  • You can be store hot dogs in the refrigerator.
  • After purchase, 2 months are the best time to use hot dogs.
  • No burn hot dogs are required when you make any recipe with hot dogs.
  • A perfect food item for summertime dishes.

2 ways to boil hot dogs step by step:

Method#1: Boil hot dogs on the stove

Boiling hot dogs is a fast, simple way to prepare a delicious supper. All you just need a pot of water and a hot dog pack. You can add additional flavor by using season in the water and then saute the hot dogs in boiling water. Finally, place your boiled dogs in buns and dress them with your favorite condiments.

How long to boil hot dogs on the stove?

Preparation time 4 minutes
Boiling time 6 minutes
Total timing 10 minutes



  • Hot dogs
  • Water
  • Hot dog buns
  • Seasoning such as chili and cheese, onions, mustard, ketchup, and relish.


  • Large pot
  • Lid
  • Tongs
  • Strainer


Step1: Take a large pot of water. The pot should be large enough that the hot dogs will fit in the pot which you want to boil. Leave a few inches of space at the top of the pot so when you add the dogs, it won’t boil over.

Step2: Add the season into the water. Now place them on the stove and start to boil the water.

Step3: When it boils put the hot dogs in the water carefully and boil the hot dogs for 6 minutes. Six minutes is the best time to get perfect boil hot dogs.

Note: If you are a large pack of hot dogs for boil then they may need an extra minute or two. While if you boil just one or two hot dogs then it will be boil before six minutes.

Step4: Turn off the heat and remove hot dogs one by one with tongs and shaking off the water as you go. You can also use a strainer to catch the hot dogs.


  • Don’t throw them all at once, or you might be splashed with boiling water.
  • You want to prevent letting the hot dogs divide because if they do, they will lose a lot of its flavors.
  • If you boil enough hot dogs and want to keep them hot for later then keep them on the cool burner and cover the pot with a lid. It will keep them hot for the later uses.
  • If you want to serve hot dogs to a crowed and want to keep them hotter then you should turn on the burner on the lowest speed and put the hot dogs on it.

Method#2: Boil hot dogs in the Microwave

Things you have to need:

  • Hot dogs
  • Bowl
  • Knife
  • Water
  • Fork
  • Paper towel

How long to boil hot dogs in the Microwave?

Preparation time 4 minutes
Boiling time 75 seconds or 1 minute and 45 seconds
Total timing 5-6 minutes

Step1: Take a safe microwave bowl it should be made of glass or plastic. They work fine. Fill it half-full with water.

Note: Make sure that the bowl is large enough to hold the number of hot dogs.

Step2: Take a knife and slit the hot dogs. It will stop them from bursting in the microwave.

Step3: Cook the hot dogs on high for 75 seconds. After 75 seconds check them if they need more cooking then continue cooking for more 30 seconds.

Step4: Remove them with the help of a fork and drain them on a paper towel for serving.

These methods give a very clear answer to this question how long to boil hot dogs. Soft hotdogs 3-4 minutes for boil while the tough ones could take 5-6 minutes. You can serve them with a Garlic Dill Potato chips Salad and Lexington Style Red Slaw.


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