How Long to Boil Green Beans? If you haven’t cooked the green beans at home because it’s difficult for you to manage them properly due to their tricky, finicky, or complicated nature. But it’s an ideal opportunity to abandon all that.

Green beans are a nutritious complement to any food item that is available throughout the year. To know how long to boil the green beans is necessary to get perfect boiled green beans. Wash them carefully in clean water before cooking green beans and remove the woody stem end of the bean either with a knife or by cutting it off. For data on fundamental techniques of boiling green beans, read on.

How Long to Boil Green Beans

Follow this method and get amazingly simple boiled fresh green beans. But first, you get a little bit of information about green beans health benefits.

Nutrition Facts and Health Benefits

Green beans are a staple in many kitchens across the United States, also known as snap beans or string beans. At family potlucks, holiday meals, and evening dinners, they are a favorite side dish.

Here I tell you some health benefits of green beans.

  • Help you maintain a healthy weight.
  • One cup of raw green beans:  31 calories, 0% of fat, and only 3.6 grams of sugar.
  • Good for a healthy heart.
  • Contain no cholesterol.
  • One cup of raw green beans: 2.7 g of fiber. Boiled green beans have 4.0 g of fiber.
  • Low FODMAP food: non-digested carbohydrates that are metabolized by bacteria that lead to gas, belly pain, diarrhea, and constipation.
  • Contain protein which is essential for healthy bones, hair, organs, and muscles.
  • Essential to a healthy immune system.
  • Also a good source of vitamins and minerals.
  • Contains 33 micrograms of folate which helps avoid damage to the neural tube and other birth defects.
  • Provide vitamin C that helps to boost your immune system.
  • Also, provide vitamin A that is important to immune health, reproduction, and healthy vision.
  • They also provide us 43 mcg vitamin K, 0.1 mg thiamin, 0.7 mg niacin, 0.14 mg vitamin B-6, and 0.41 mg vitamin E.

Is Green Beans Fruit or Vegetable?

It’s both a fruit and a vegetable. Vegetable as nutritious and generally not consumed as sweet, raw or cooked. Eat with other vegetables, usually. But also a fruit botanically because it bears seeds and follows a flower’s pollination.

How to choose green beans?

The healthiest choice is to use fresh green beans. Look for bright green beans that are free from black spots and blemishes. Beans are not supposed to be flimsy. Eat fresh green beans as quickly as possible after harvesting or buying for the most dietary advantages.

How to Boil Green Beans?

How to, and how long to boil green beans is that simple.  Just throw them into cooking salted water and cook for just 5 minutes, making sure they stay bright green and crisp.

It’s really important for the beans to stay firm –they won’t do fluffy and limp. The only thing these delicious cooked beans need to season is some coarse kosher salt and perhaps butter. Delicious!

Here I’ll share 3 methods of boiling green beans in 3 different ways.

Boiling, steaming or microwaving are basic methods for fresh green beans to be boiled.  Stir-frying maintains the fresh green bean’s finest characteristics.  Whatever cooking technique you choose, remember to use as little water as possible to cook fresh green beans.  The fewer beans in the pan, they are cooking fast and the better in the tasting.

Boil Green Beans on the Stove

Making beans on the stove is simple — you only need a pot and a free afternoon. Soak the beans and keep the beans at a simmer. Add salt when beans are just barely tender and cooked them 5 to 6 minutes.

Steaming Green Beans

Set a steamer bucket with the green beans in a pan just big enough to keep it closely covered for steaming green beans. Add 1-inch water or take to the boil, and tightly cover the pan. Regulate to moderate heat. It will take only 3 to 5 minutes to boil green beans.

Microwave Green Beans

In an oven-safe bowl, put prepared green beans. Add about 2 tablespoons of water. Wrap with plastic cover and leave open a tiny corner. Microwave for about 3 to 4 minutes on high.

How Long to Boil Green Beans?

On the Stove: 5-6 minutes

Through Steaming: 3-5 minutes

In the microwave: 3-4 minutes

What to serve with boiled green beans?

It’s an adaptable side dish that really goes with anything. I often use ribeye roast, fried pork chops, or shrimp scampi to serve cooked green beans. Sometimes I finish them with a few poached eggs for a meatless lunch that’s simple and healthy.


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