When you’re starting to make some chicken dishes including chicken enchiladas, chicken quesadillas, or looking for to make some homemade chicken soup, shredded chicken then you have to need to boil your chicken breast cut piece perfectly that is one of the most versatile proteins out there.

Boiling chicken breast is a good and simple way to add protein to your meals which is vital for your health. But the question raised that how to and how long to boil chicken breast in the right way?

How Long to Boil Chicken Breast

I’ll share with you an effortless boil chicken breast method. This is the easiest way to boil a lot of chicken to make various chicken’s cooking remedies. Once you learn how to boil chicken breast in the right way then you’ll be able to get advantages from this and can also stock it in the freezer.

Is Boiling Chicken Breast Healthy?

 Yes, of course, boiling chicken breast is healthy for you. There are four reasons that make safe to boiling chicken breast for us.

  • After boiling the chicken, it becomes completely safe for us because when we boil the meat it raises the chances to kill bacteria. While in roasted chicken there salmonella is still present.
  • When you boil meat, the fats in a chicken float on top of the vessel. We consume fewer fats in the boiling chicken while in roasted chicken we gain more fats.
  • For boiling the chicken, we have no need to use oil. So we assume that it is low in calorie and thus it is healthy.
  • To make other dishes we use many spices to make them flavorful and you know too many strong spices are not good for your stomach. But boiled foods have no spices and thus they should be a healthy diet.

Other Health Benefits of the Chicken

Few benefits of eating chicken are:

  • It is a good supplier of protein. Proteins play a vital role in sustaining our muscles. Eating chicken is a must for those who want to be strong and get stamina.
  • If you want to lose your weight then the chicken is the best diet for you. Chicken does not provide you fiber or carbohydrates. It is a healthy choice for you if you want to use a low-carbohydrates diet plan.
  • Chicken is full of calcium and phosphorus. Both these minerals are essential for your bones. It helps to keep your bones healthy. Eating chicken regularly also reduces the risk of arthritis.
  • Tryptophane and vitamin B5 both are helping to relieve our stress. And chicken is a good provider of both of these.
  • Chicken is also full of magnesium, which relieves PMS symptoms.
  • Chicken helps to support immune cells in the body. While the steam from the soup clears the nasal passages. to eat chicken in the form of soup is the best way to recover from most infections and colds.

How to Boil Chicken Breast

How long to boil chicken breast comes after this matter that how to boil chicken breast in the right way.


  • A pot
  • Knife
  • A large pot with lid


  • Chicken breast
  • Water
  • Vegetable or chicken broth (optional)
  • Chopped onions, carrots, and celery (optional)
  • Herbs (optional)
  • Salt and pepper


Step 1:

  • Unpacked the meat piece and wash them immediately carefully.

Note: Chicken carries harmful bacteria, like salmonella that make to you sick. It only takes a tiny amount of germs to make you unwell, so don’t take the risk with health.

Step 2:

  • Take a knife and cut your meat into small pieces or halves, quarters, or cubes. It will help you to cook faster.

Step 3:

  • Put the chicken into the pot first, then add the water. Add just enough water to completely cover the chicken. Arrange the chicken in the bottom of the pan in a single layer. It will help to boil the chicken faster. Otherwise, your chicken may not cook as well.

Step 4:

  • Use the spices, herbs, or chopped veggies, if you like. It is not necessary.
  • Adding seasonings is optional, but it can make your chicken much more flavorful.
  • According to taste, add salt and pepper to your water for a little seasoning. However, it’s best if you also add dried herbs like Italian seasoning, jerk seasoning, or rosemary.
  • For really flavorful chicken, chop up onions, carrots, and celery, then add them to your water.

Step 5:

  • Cover the pot with a lid. And boil the chicken on medium-high heat for 10 minutes.
  • After 10 minutes, turn the heat down and remove the lid.
  • Chick the temperature with a thermometer. If it’s not at least 165 °F (74 °C), put the chicken back in the pot, replace the lid, and keep cooking it.
  • Continue cooking the chicken until it reaches 165 °F (74 °C) inside it.

You can store this boil chicken breast in your freezer and use it in different dishes including chicken soup, salad, and more.

How Long to Boil Chicken Breast

Whole pieces of chicken like halves, quarters, or cubes take up to 30 minutes to cook, while small pieces may cook as quickly as 10 minutes.


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