Who doesn’t love chicken?  Everybody does. While it might not be the taste of vegetarians as they have their own reasons for not eating any animal food made by killing one. That is perfectly reasonable. Else no dinner is greater than the best dinner unless you have extra large chicken in it. And it will be your best of the best feast you are gonna ever have. Admit it. But baking a chicken for the first time won’t be your job, as no, this is not easy to do. Unless you try with the Indian style cooking, baking chicken is hard. (and that is why the Indian style is easy as shit). But nothing to worry, we already have something for you. In this article, we will show you how long to bake whole chicken.

How long to bake whole chicken

So let’s get started.

Baking chicken is most of the work of the oven, whether you use a charcoal one or a microwave. You only have to put the stuffing, tie it up and then put in a nice tray in the microwave. That’s all. Nothing more.

Is it that easy?

No. not at all.

You don’t just have to put it in the oven, you have to set the temperature, set the timing. And then wait for it to get better with taste. And if it doesn’t then you have wasted energy, air, food, water, a great chicken and electricity too.

So, this is the reason why it is not that easy at all.

But we are here. We will show you how long to bake the whole chicken.

Now the time comes later, first, you have to determine what type of chicken you are using. Is it fresh frozen from the market? Is It packed ? or have you just killed one? Or buy from the shop where it is already packed? Don’t get cranky with chicken death, you are the one who will be eating one. If it is frozen, then you would want it to get to the peak normal temperature. Then start with the recipe.

Now for the prior timing, the temperature and the body part of the chicken counts. As different parts of the chicken have different meat content, so it is necessary. And the weight of the chicken too.

The normal grade temperature benchmark for a microwave oven is its peak of 350 degrees and this is the best and optimal temperature for baking.

If you love chicken legs and wings along with thighs, then you only have to put them in the oven for around 40 minutes to the average for perfect baking. Although the wings are very light, so not exactly 40, 30 minutes will also work, in case you want to retain the juiciness. The meat has to be juicy no matter what you intend to do for its baking or roasting or whatever. If the meat is not juicy perfect you won’t be enjoying it at all. And this is a bitter truth.

If you love chicken breast as most people do, then baking it for around 30 minutes is the optimal point in order to prevent it from drying out and then losing all of the juices. This occurs for most of the top grade chefs that they lose out on their juices and the chicken turns to shit. No taste at all.

The whole chicken might be your target and we recommend baking it for around 90 minutes for the whole chick. The whole of the chicken is somewhat 1.8-2KGs and the perfect optimal temperature being at 350 is good for baking. The 90-minute timing can be extended to more 5 minutes if you want it more crispy. Else with larger chickens, 120 minutes is a sweet spot.

How long does it take to bake a whole chicken

It takes a pretty long time to bake a whole chicken as you have to keep in mind the perfect timing for everything. And it also exists for chickens too. A whole chicken also some of its flesh part inside which does take a long time to bake in case you won’t be boiling it at all. So, to equal that out, more time is required. And you have to wait for a bit before your feast is ready. Therefore, for a whole chicken, it will take around 2 hours to completely bake it right.

So, how long to bake whole chicken? 2 hours.

How long to bake a whole chicken at 350

The 350-degree temperature mark for an oven is similar to baking the chicken right over the fire at high heat. For that reason, grilled chickens are also very tasty. But we will be working with ovens for the time being. And at 350 temperature, the time is still going to be 2 hours, if your chicken weighs good. Most chickens weight around 1.7 to 2KG and this is a good weight.

So, how long to bake whole chicken? At 350, 2 hours is optimal for a good weighing chick.

How long do you cook a whole chicken

A whole chicken if it weighs around the same mass of 1.7Kg or more, the prior time becomes 2 hours actually. Although you can bake it for a 100 minute time and see how it tastes, or else send it to the oven for another 20-25 minutes for a full roast. Most chickens gets roasted for this time and they do taste great. Greater than great. Else if you find your chicken to be weighing more over 2KG, you have to extend the time to 130 minutes.

Roasting and baking chicken is not the same thing. Both are different as you will get prior different textures of it. And the oven is for all types of chicken, so use to the right use. Don’t overbake chickens and then waste them. Although baking chicken is more preferred as it is easy and we already have provided a whole timing for you. This will help you out on the time for baking chickens and their body parts.

So, how long to bake whole chicken? 2 hours or even more.


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