The creamy cheese spicy Buffalo chicken dip crock pot is the best appetizer if Is there any celebration at your home? Is it party time with friends? Are you worried about dinner? You can also make your family’s holiday special.

Buffalo Chicken Dip Crock Pot

Hello guys!

I welcome all of you. Today I’m here for you to help to win the hearts of your loved ones using your cooking skills. I’ll share you a very simple and easy recipe of Buffalo Chicken Dip Crock pot. It takes a few hours and you make a delicious dish that makes your day blissful and pleased.

Life is as busy as bee but it doesn’t mean we have forgotten our loved ones, family, friends, and relatives in the race of life. This is an easy buffalo chicken dip crock pot dish which demands a few minutes to you for preparation after that it needs some time to cook it in your crock-pot. During that time, you make other foods, watch t.v with your family, enjoy favorite programs and movie and play some games with your children as you want. Means can do anything which you would like.

When Do Make This Distinctive Crock-pot Buffalo Chicken Dip Dish?

Buffalo Chicken Dip Crock Pot Recipes

Actually, there is no specific time to enjoy this lovely food. You don’t have to need any special occasion to make this tasty appetizer. When we people are watching the match or games then we need some snacks on your hand to enjoy the games. Secondly, if it’s party time and the party is started in a few hours you can make this recipe in a hurry. It’s also a perfect appetizer before dinner.

Reasons to Make This Easy Buffalo Chicken Dip

Here are some reasons which stimulate you to make this easy crock pot buffalo chicken dip dish. Seriously, these reasons are also instigated me to love this recipe.

Chicken wings with buffalo flavor are the most popular and favorite appetizer for the parties. Usually, we all are dressed up at parties and ladies are also wearing some kind of makeup and jewelry. So they don’t want to do hard work in their kitchen. There is a way to deal with this situation. They can make this delicious and tasty appetizer.

  • It takes less time for preparations and zero percent of your effort is involved. Just need to mix all the ingredients and put into your pressure cooker then leave it for 3 hours. After that, a portion of delicious food is ready to serve and eat. Moreover, I don’t get much easier method in which just combine a few simple ingredients together, and let your crock-pot do all the work and create a thick and cheesy dip for you that’s full of buffalo flavor.
  • It is very simple to make but offers complex flavors. In this recipe, you’ll enjoy the melding of cheese, hot sauce, cream cheese chicken, dressing and chicken. It is the best food and your crowd will devour it and loved it.
  • Sometimes you have to need to warm up the food again after some time. But one the specialty of this food is you don’t have any need to reheat it during the halftime because it stays warm for several hours.

So now the point is how do you make this spicy Buffalo Chicken Dip crock pot? Don’t worry I’m here for you and a yummy spicy recipe is waiting for you. So without wasting the time, let’s start the recipe.

Easy Buffalo Chicken Dip in Crock-Pot

Buffalo Chicken Dip Crock Pot

This is a simple method to make this recipe you just have to need some ingredients.


  • 2 1/2 C cooked, shredded chicken
  • 1/2 C hot sauce
  • 1/3 of the fat cream cheese
  • 1/2 C ranch dressing
  • 1/2 C cheddar cheese shredded
  • 1/2 C blue cheese crumbles
  • Garlic powder


  • Make sure your creamy cheese will be softened. Otherwise, it will not be able to mix.
  • Take a large crock-pot. If you have to face some troubles with large slow cooking pot, then you also used 2-quart crock-pot.
  • Cut your cream cheese into cubes before mixing up.
  • Combine chicken, cream cheese, cheddar, buffalo sauce, and ranch perfectly in crock-pot. If possible then you can also use rotisserie chicken which is already cooked and easy to shred into the cooker quickly.
  • Don’t forget the garlic powder. It makes this recipe outstanding.
  • Cover the crock-pot and cook on low for 3 hours until everything is melted together.
  • Your crock pot buffalo chicken dip food is ready to serve. You can serve it with blue cheese and chives and serve it also with dippers.

Before let I go, the beauty of life does not depend on how much you are happy but it depends on how much happy the people who live around you. So be happy and keep smiling.


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