Chicken breast recipes are well known over the world for its incredible taste and the goodness of health. As it is loaded with proteins, vitamins, natural nutrients that might be found in any other food sources. Boneless and skinless chicken is easily available in the market at low prices. But making the right recipe without too much cooking is not that of an easy job. It requires proper baking, else the chicken becomes either too dry or remains raw on the middle. So, let us take a look at some boneless skinless chicken breast recipes.

boneless skinless chicken breast recipes

Chicken breast recipes are actually made using the usual chicken breast, that’s all. But the recipes content can be mixed up for a better taste along with a variety of nutrients.

Most chefs recommend a vegetable grade chicken breast recipe as is it good for health keeping in mind the extra protein going in.

Leafy vegetables with chicken make up the best combination, including chicken breast fries, lightly baked juicy, juicy grilled, smoke baked,  butter fried, lightly baked served with creamy butter.

These all are top grade first-hand chicken breast recipes that require very less cooking. Also, these are well healthy.

Chicken breast is also considered as a nutrient value for most people. The breast part is actually less in fat, more in protein.

This accounts for its more nutritional value in comparison to the other parts of the chicken body, being more in fat. It is, therefore, more healthy to eat chicken breast foods.

Now let us look into the chicken breast recipes.

Chicken breast has to be baked before it can be used in any recipe at all.

The fact that right away pan baking might be an old technique and a more attention needed task, it is risky.


As sometimes, the breast can end up too dry or bit burned on sides (as it sometimes happens with pan frying).

So, it is better to use a microwave oven for all of the baking. Using an oven is also more safe, as the timing and heat can also be controlled.

But wait, how long to bake chicken breast?

boneless skinless chicken breast recipes


This is a confusing question as the size, texture, content, smell, and taste of the chicken breast is to be determined in the right way by baking.

The timing is necessary as the chicken baked should not be too dry.

Chicken breasts to be used in soups, creamy or juicy curries can be baked a little more.

As in such recipes, the softness of the chicken is what matters, nothing else.

The juiciness of the chicken can be retained from the soup or creams or even it can be dipped in butter for some time.

The normal recommended time is 16 to 20 minutes. While some prefer 15 minutes for a juicy chicken if it is to be used with simple butter recipes.

Else a 20 minute run for a good well baked little dry chicken, that can be used in curries and soups, recipes too.

We, therefore, recommend a timing in between of 15-18 minutes for a minimal juicy breast, that is 97% well baked. The remaining baking can be done in the rest of the recipe.

So, now that we know how to bake a chicken breast, what recipes can we try? What are some boneless skinless chicken breast recipes?

Let see.

We first look into baked chicken breast recipes.

•    Chicken breast with Sun-Dried Tomato Cream sauce – made with juicy chicken breast, baked light, parmesan, thyme, basil leaves, cream.

•    Pan Roasted lemon chicken – made from pre-baked chicken breast, lemon juice, olive oil, whole grain mustard.

•    Oven fried chicken with Honey Mustard Glaze – made from chicken, eggs, milk, panko, smoked paprika, flour, olive oil, parsley leaves.

•    Ranch cheddar chicken – made from chicken breast, cheddar cheese, salad, garlic, black pepper and salt, panko, parsley leaves.

•    Lemon chicken with Asparagus and Potatoes – made from lemon juice, chicken, dried thyme, black pepper and salt, butter, red potatoes, asparagus light baked.

•    Chicken with creamy mushroom sauce – made from chicken breast, black pepper, salt, butter, parsley leaves, mushrooms sliced thinly, flour, thyme, red pepper flakes.

•    Chicken with 40 cloves of garlic – made from chicken breasts, black pepper, butter, garlic peeled off the skin, slight chicken broth, flour, and milk.

These are one of the most popular and healthy boneless skinless chicken breast recipes that can kill you with their tastes.

Bone chicken recipes are made in another technique, including keeping in mind the bones inside the chicken.

These are mostly used for fries, grilled, smoke baked or even oven baked with cream, butter, sauce or soup. Boneless chickens are more common in the other recipes or soups, curries, dishes.

So, let us dig into some boneless chicken breast recipes.

•    Brothy chicken with ginger and Bok Choy – made from boneless chicken breasts, kombu, peeled ginger, dried shiitake mushrooms, rice vinegar, turmeric, boy choy leaves and stems torn.

•    Quick tomato Chicken curry – made from a huge list of ghee, coconut oil, olive oil, onion, ginger, crushed garlic, salt, spices, bay leaf, pepper flakes, peeled tomatoes, and pepper, coconut milk, boneless chicken breasts mainly, cilantro and yogurt.

•    Master Poached Chicken – made from boneless chicken breasts, carrots, garlic, salt, lemon juice and dill fronds, pepper, and olive oil.

•    Kid’s chicken katsu – made from cool ketchup, boneless chicken breasts into small cutlets, strawberry jam, eggs and flour blend, panko, vegetable oil, half boiled rice.

•    Kombu chicken soup with carrots and Mushrooms – made from spinach, boneless chicken breasts, kombu, soy sauce, mirin, flakes, bonito flakes, carrot, shiitake mushrooms, sesame seeds.

•    Chrissy Teigen’s cheesy chicken Milanese – made from boneless chicken breasts, cayenne pepper, flour, eggs, breadcrumbs, panko, mozzarella, arugula, tomatoes, Reggiano cheese, olive oil.

So, these are some of the great boneless skinless chicken breast recipes.

boneless skinless chicken breast recipes

Skinless and boneless chickens have a different grade of taste and if baked in the right way, these can melt in your mouth easily. And the chicken breasts are tastier after all. The prior recipes that are to be made using the breasts are to be determined first and then the baking is to be done. This makes the breasts seasoned well and perfect for a recipe. So, now you are familiar with boneless skinless chicken breast recipes.


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